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Company news about Causes of yellowing tomato leaves:

Causes of yellowing tomato leaves:


Latest company news about Causes of yellowing tomato leaves:

1. Excessive watering
During the growth of tomatoes, if watering is too frequent or the amount of watering is too large, resulting in severe water accumulation in the soil, the roots will rot as a result, which will cause the leaves to turn yellow. It is best to choose a well-drained soil when planting, and Avoid planting in low-lying areas.

2. Soil caking
When the soil for planting tomatoes is compacted, it will affect the smooth breathing of the roots, and the leaves will turn yellow. At this time, the plants should be loosened immediately, and then organic fertilizers should be added to the soil to effectively relieve soil compaction.

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3. Malnutrition
During the maintenance of tomatoes, if they are often watered with tap water, or if the plants are not fertilized for a long time, the leaves will turn yellow due to alkaline soil or insufficient nutrients. At this time, iron supplementation for tomatoes can be used to alleviate it.

4. Infection and disease
Tomatoes are prone to leaf spot disease when the soil or air humidity is too high. After the onset, yellow spots will appear on the leaves.

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If you choose to plant in a greenhouse, it can effectively solve this situation!

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