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Company news about Raising Sheep in a Greenhouse

Raising Sheep in a Greenhouse


Latest company news about Raising Sheep in a Greenhouse

Raising sheep in a greenhouse is an unconventional but effective method for managing a small flock in a controlled environment. This approach can be especially beneficial in regions with extreme weather conditions or limited pasture space. Here's a concise guide on how to successfully raise sheep in a greenhouse:

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Select the Right Greenhouse: Choose a greenhouse with sufficient space, good ventilation, and adequate insulation. Ensure it receives ample sunlight for healthy plant growth and to supplement the sheep's diet.


Prepare Adequate Shelter: Set up a suitable shelter for your sheep within the greenhouse. Provide bedding, such as straw or wood chips, to maintain their comfort.

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Temperature Control: Greenhouses can become hot during the day and cold at night. Use fans, heaters, or cooling systems to regulate the temperature and create a comfortable environment for your sheep.


Feeding: Sheep need a balanced diet. Ensure they have access to fresh hay, grains, and clean water daily. You can also plant forage crops inside the greenhouse to supplement their diet.


Hygiene and Health: Regularly clean the shelter and monitor the sheep for signs of illness. Implement a vaccination and deworming program to maintain their health.


Space Management: Ensure there is enough space for sheep to move around comfortably, and consider rotational grazing to prevent overgrazing.


Raising sheep in a greenhouse offers the advantage of year-round shelter and controlled conditions, allowing you to efficiently manage your flock while ensuring their well-being.

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