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Company news about Why use vegetable greenhouses?

Why use vegetable greenhouses?


Latest company news about Why use vegetable greenhouses?

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For the planting of some crops, due to the influence of weather, human temperature control is needed to ensure the normal growth of crops. We all use vegetable greenhouses for vegetable planting. Why do we use it? How does it heat up fast enough for vegetables to grow? What equipment do we need to install it? Read on to find out.

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In the preparation of land, planting beds or seedbeds, the soil is filled with cow manure, pig manure, fresh garbage, manure, and cut or crushed straw, straw, and then add an appropriate amount of new lipid film, and then fill the garden soil, so that the above raw materials begin to ferment functional microorganisms can be used as nutrients for work. These raw materials are fermented and decomposed by the heating functional microorganisms of the new high lipid film greenhouse, which can slowly release heat, gradually increase the temperature of the soil and air, and increase the concentration of carbon dioxide.

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Of course, if you want to heat up quickly in the greenhouse, there is also a faster way, just mix the above materials with new high lipid film and make them into a large pile of more than 2~3 cubic meters, and adjust the moisture to about 60% (judgment method: Hold a handful of material tightly with your hands, finger seam water can not drop water), three or five days in the pile temperature can rise to 75℃, the material pile has become an "earth heating house", according to need to turn over several times, in order to adjust the temperature inside and outside the pile. The benefits of this fermentation pile are many: temperature rises, fertilizer is available, the disease is reduced, crop growth in the shed is accelerated, soil productivity is improved, killing multiple birds with one stone.

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1. Material selection
Due to the rainy climate in the southeast coastal region, the air humidity is high, and it is often attacked by typhoons from July to September, and there is snow in winter. To make a single steel pipe greenhouse, it is necessary to select steel pipes that can not only prevent rust but also be strong (with wind and snow resistance). It is required to be a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 28 ~ 32mm and a wall thickness of 1.5mm.


2. Temperature and humidity control ventilation equipment
Greenhouse ventilation system through ventilation and air exchange to complete the greenhouse surface control of the replacement, greenhouse temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide conditions. Now the production of vegetable greenhouses are generally equipped with top Windows, side Windows, and other natural ventilation cooling systems, an intelligent greenhouse or greenhouse with greater cooling demand can be equipped with a forced ventilation cooling system. The forced ventilation cooling system is composed of a negative pressure fan and wet curtain, which has better ventilation and cooling effect.


3. Humidity control equipment
The dehumidification of the vegetable greenhouse can be completed through the cooperation of the ventilation system and heating system, and can also be equipped with a micro spray or drip irrigation system to control the internal humidity of the greenhouse. When the indoor humidity of a vegetable greenhouse exceeds 80%, it is very bad for the growth of vegetable crops in the greenhouse. On the one hand, high air humidity inhibits the transpiration and diseases of vegetable crops, on the other hand, too much humidity is easy to cause condensation and fog, reduce the transmittance of the greenhouse, affects the demand for plant lighting, can be through the way of air change and heating, reduce the humidity of greenhouse environment. When the humidity of the vegetable greenhouse is below 40%, it will also affect the growth and development of vegetable plants, which can be humidified by micro-spray equipment.

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To make a qualified vegetable greenhouse, the need for equipment and data is very. In order to help vegetables grow better, some equipment must also be purchased. Of course, because the soil, temperature, and climate in each region are different, we should also carry out relevant reasonable investigations when making vegetable greenhouses. The production of different areas should be treated differently, so as to more fully create a greenhouse environment suitable for vegetable production.


About the use of vegetable greenhouses and the construction of equipment needed for you to introduce here. If you are interested in our greenhouse, please contact us!


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